Boo - Age: 18   |   22 Movies & 431 Pics  This is easily my favorite Spunkmouth scene. It may go down as an amateur porn classic. Too little space and too much to say here, but in a nutshell, barely-legal Boo came to us as a referral from porn star Bella Donna. Boo wants porn stardom, and we think she's going to be there. (This was her second shoot). Bucking the amateur slant at Spunkmouth, we hired porn star Brandon Iron to pound her silly. But we threw in Sam, an amateur, as the second cock. And get this: the legendary Dogfart was there and took stills for us. You get tons of content here, from all of Dogfart's superb hi-rez stills, the awesome vidcaps, the video itself, and make sure you check out all the outtakes! HIGH  |  LOW

Spring - Age: 18   |   13 Movies & 157 Pics  Barely-legal Spring is a Spunkmouth exclusive. Don't you love sites that boast of "barely-legal teens" that turn out to be twenty-something's dressed in a cheerleader outfit and pigtails? Not Spring. Weeks out of high school, still in her braces, we found Spring sitting by a pool, still mad from a family fight at a reunion she was attending. Doctor Z gave it a shot, we offered her a lot of bread to do the scene, and the next thing you know Spring is in her very first hardcore shoot. Watch the scene. While mounting Z., she admits to never "being on top". And just watch the cum shot. That's not acting, my friend. That's a teen girl who's never been sprayed in the face with baby batter. HIGH  |  LOW

Kaya - Age: 20   |   15 Movies & 203 Pics  What can you say about Kaya? She's a total hottie, she loves to get fucked on camera, and her biggest turn-on (besides multiple partners) is a big wad of cum in her face. It's hard to get an idea just how tiny she is on camera, so we think you should know Kaya's barely 5 feet tall. She weighs 100 pounds soaking wet, and her awesome tits turn heads everywhere she goes. You should see how tiny and gorgeous her ass is in real life! The camera cannot do her justice. She showed up at the set with her boy-toy Sean, and he did a fine job of pounding the shit out of her in the top-secret Spunkmouth warehouse. And what a facial. Look closely at her legs & hair after the money shot -- they're a mess, too! HIGH  |  LOW

Nichole - Age: 19   |   16 Movies & 180 Pics  Nichole came to us from a guy that shoots soft core. She had done some nudie work and felt like it was time to step things up. She brought her boyfriend, Buck Naked, who had wanted to do a hardcore shoot with her since they started dating. Turns out she loves anal. Watch at the end of the anal scene when she takes Buck's cock back in her mouth after coming straight out of her ass. That doesn't compare to the money shot, though. Buck's copious cum shot lands a direct hit into her mouth, face, and hair, and the amount she spits out and lets hang off her chin is amazing. Buck told the camera crew afterwards it's all about taking zinc pills. We all started the next day! HIGH  |  LOW

Brittney - Age: 22   |   16 Movies & 126 Pics  A funny (and true) story: I meet a couple at a local jazz bar. We're sitting at the bar, and begin chatting. After a few drinks, I admit to them I'm part of the Spunkmouth crew and shoot porn for a living. Their confession: they're swingers and love to fuck in front of a crowd. In fact, they were attempting to "put the moves on me" for a 2 on 1. I counter offer by filming them fucking in front of me and the camera, and, in turn, all the Spunkmouth members. This gets Brittney horny, and she admits, right at the bar, her panties are soaked. The next thing I know the crew is at their house, they're naked and fucking like rabbits. Make sure to watch outtake #1 for Brittney's unreal confession! HIGH  |  LOW

Kimmy - Age: 19   |   14 Movies & 192 Pics  We found Kimmy in a quirky way. Doctor Z has an AOL account. He uses it to pick up sluts all the time. He's very successful. He finds Kimmy in a dirty chat room and meets up with her. He pounds her silly. He mentions making dirty movies, and Kimmy says she's interested. Z gives us her phone number; we meet her (and are totally blown away) and hire her immediately. Since Z had his turn, we figured it would be only fair if Doctor E got a turn. He cheerfully agreed. As you watch Kimmy's video, you'll notice she isn't acting. Those fuck faces she makes, those moans; her pussy even turns red (look closely)! It's all very real. She loves getting fucked, and it shows here. Enjoy. HIGH  |  LOW

Hayley - Age: 21   |   16 Movies & 150 Pics  In order to recruit potential porn stars, Spunkmouth places an ad in a local weekly newspaper. In the weeks before Hayley's shoot, the as wasn't getting many good replies, so we changed the wording around a bit; this time, we said we were looking for white wives who wanted to live out a fantasy by being with a black man. Unfortunately, most of the wives who replied weighed 300 pounds (and wanted their husbands there to watch) but then, one day, Hayley calls. We meet. The Spunkmouth crew falls in love with her looks, and we hook her up with Mr. NOVA and his 9-inch cock. Look closely. Hayley is genuinely turned on from beginning to end here. No acting needed on anyone's part. HIGH  |  LOW


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