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Kimmy / Age: 19 - 22 Movies & 174 Pics   Kimmy loved getting fucked by Doctor E so much, it was a snap to hire her back to get pounded by E and his brotha Mister NOVA. On the way to the shoot, she was gushing about getting fucked by two black guys for the first time. She goes at it again, making those fuck faces and moans as her pussy gets flush red from all the excitement. This scene is one of the Spunkmouth crew's favorite, partly because the brothas had some head problems. E had some problems with the cops the night before, and since this was Mister NOVA's first scene, he was a bit nervous. A Spunkmouth crewmember stunt cocked the cum shot and covered Kimmy in baby batter. Fun!

BJ Swallows / Age: 20 - 12 Movies & 250 Pics   When the Spunkmouth crew first met BJ, we were excited. Most of these porn interviews end up nowhere, but BJ was different. The first thing out of her mouth was "I love cum. I'll take it on my face, I'll gurgle it, I'll swallow it. What would you guys want me to do with it?" We were speechless. Most girls say "I'm not interested" when we tell them the Spunkmouth girls take it on the face and nowhere else, but here's this hot Latina girl, ready for her facials. It was then we booked a 4-guy blowbang. Kinda like a gangbang, but here at Spunkmouth, we call it a blowbang. BJ Swallows earns her name in this shoot.

Mackenzie Wilson / Age: 18 - 10 Movies & 266 Pics   Barely-legal MacKenzie just graduated high school in June. It's the middle of August, and what's she doing? Sucking off 5 strangers over a game of pool. It went down like this: a cat we all know has this bachelor-pad over on the west side. He finds this hottie, MacKenzie, frowning outside a local mall. He's good at talking to girls. Lo & behold, he discovers MacKenzie's upset because she wants to buy new clothes for school, (she's a freshman at a local university) and she's broke. Our pal drags MacKenzie over to his pad and calls us. We offer up hard cash, and, to make things interesting, we offer up a bet - sink the eight ball in the corner pocket, you get the money without making a video. Miss it, and you're a dick sucker. Needless to say, MacKenzie's a dick sucker. And the 5 guys at the bachelor-pad pool table were good for *6* goopy loads...at least this teen jezebel will look good for her first day of college!

Riley Mason / Age: 20 - 13 Movies & 480 Pics   Riley Mason is a brand new starlet to the porn business. She's from North Carolina, and she sucks a mean cock. Riley brought along a slutty little fishnet catsuit and gave me a nice asswiggle and pussy fingering routine before I brought in well-endowed cocksman James Dean to pound the living fuck out of her. Watch how Riley doesn't waste a single second getting that fat dong in her mouth once James steps on set! By the end of her cockstuffing, Riley's ass is covered in red handprints and her face has a thorough cum glazing. Enjoy Brothers..

Sarah Summers / Age: 20 - 12 Movies & 424 Pics   Sarah Summers has a problem. A big one. See, after cheerleading try-outs at her local community college, bubble-head Sarah stumbled into the men's-only workout area and locker room. Bad move. But the pungent smell of man lured her in deeper, and the next thing you know she's rubbing her already-wet cotton cheer panties! That's about the time one of the wrestlers busts in to get ready for practice!! All hell breaks loose when community college sophomore Sarah Summers decides it's time to act naughty. And with our stud packing close to 9 inches of meat, no one can really blame her. Watch as Sarah gets absolutely railed in the gym equipment, right before getting a huge wad of man-milk shot all over her pretty face. What a spunkmouth! And that's right before Coach steps in and catches them! A real doozie here gang! Enjoy!!!

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